Oak Park Stage – Identity Design

Oak Park Stage

Identity + Collateral Design


The Oak Park Stage in Chicago focuses its programming to celebrate the rich arts heritage of Chicago. For the 2016 season, the Theater will host a series of theatrical productions adapted by Chicago playwrights from seminal albums by Chicago musicians. The resulting productions are ones of which the city can truly feel ownership.


The theatre’s identity embraces the aesthetic of Chicago’s period of cultural explosion in the mid-twentieth century. The logo is built upon a modular geometry of overlapping discs reminiscent of the city’s famous Marinaville towers.

oak_logo_vv copy 2




This badge denotes the production’s place within the series, and identifies the source material and notable creatives involved.


Tickets are contained in the included translucent envelope which lists all productions in the series. The envelope acts as a stamp card, allowing free admission to the final production to any patron who has attended all previous productions in the series.




The theatre described in this project is hypothetical. As required by the assignment, I conceptualized all aspects of the project except the name and location of the theatre. All of the musical artists and playwrights referenced are or have been residents of Chicago.