Elvis Costello – Radio Radio

Elvis Costello – Radio Radio

Identity + Collateral Design + Copywriting


Elvis Costello has always been willing to view the music industry through a critical lens. He was famously banned by NBC after a defiant appearance of his song “Radio Radio,” a scathing critique of his corrupt industry. I’ve imagined that Costello has written a new book expanding on that song’s criticism, and that it will be accompanied by the simultaneous release of an album of the same name: “Radio Radio.” The imagery used alludes to the concept of aluminum foil as a repeller of radio waves, lending the release a sense of humor appropriate for a songwriter known for his wit.

Interestingly, three days after this project was completed, Elvis Costello announced the release of his new memoir, “Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink,” which would be complimented by the simultaneous release of an album of the same name.


*This project won the Identity division of the 2016 AIGA Flux competition.