Chris King

Chris King

Identity + Collateral Design


Chris King Precision Components is a manufacturer of premium bicycle components, and a company grounded in a resolute ethic of sustainability. All of Chris King’s components are manufactured in Portland, OR using domestically-sourced materials and machines that run on recycled soybean oil. For the company’s fortieth anniversary, I wanted to create a new identity that would celebrate their commitment to sustainability and their storied history as a premium brand.


The custom logotype was carefully considered and built to strict proportions to reflect the company’s precision manufacturing. Its sharp angles and half-circles connote the forms of a bicycle itself. The resulting logo is one that can outlast the anniversary celebration to serve as the company’s identity for decades to come.


kingbox front


kingbox rear


kingbox open


kingbook standing


This project was conceived of, executed, and published online in Fall 2014, two years before the company’s 40th anniversary. In Spring 2016, Chris King unveiled their own commemorative identity to celebrate the event. View their identity here.


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