10428088_956659754348209_1634639298816593767_n< THIS IS ME.

I’m a curious and enthusiastic creator of anything I can get my hands on. I’ve spent four years now in sunny Gainesville FL — first as the University of Florida’s senior brand designer, and now as a senior designer at UF Health, using pencil and pixel to help advance the research, teaching and patient-care missions of one of the nation’s best healthcare systems.

I love collaboration and creative problem solving, and my favorite projects are often the ones that I begin with the least understanding. Working as a bicycle mechanic for more than two decades taught me that when facing novel challenges, the only thing more valuable than expertise is attentiveness to the problem. An attentive design process means always asking “why?” and trying to find the opportunities that a problem might be offering.

When I’m away from my desk, you’ll likely find me on a bike or doing something else outdoors. I think that mountains > beaches; coffee > tea; avocado > bacon; and podcasts > television.