10428088_956659754348209_1634639298816593767_n< THIS IS ME.

I’m a curious and enthusiastic designer of anything I can get my hands on. I’ve spent four beautiful and sleepless years with friends, sunshine, and black iced coffee studying graphic design at the University of Florida. Now, I’m ready to earn my place within a new group of creatives where I can continue to learn, think, and make stuff that matters.

I love creative problem solving, and my favorite projects are often the ones that I begin with the least understanding. Working as a bike (pedal powered) mechanic for many years has taught me that while there may be many acceptable solutions to a problem, there can only be one best solution. My design process is always asking “why?” so that I might find myself as close as possible to that one best solution.

When I’m not designing, you might find me riding a bike, reading, playing music, or hanging out with a pionus on my shoulder.